Why I Love LIving in the Triangle NC

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The Triangle Area (Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Durham) is consistently listed as one of the Top Ten places to live.  Jobs, quality of life, house value, desirability all put us at the top.

I lived in the Northeast for all of my life -- Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut & then Northern New Jersey.  It was a great place to be until it was time to move.  I carefully scouted many different locations.  Love the beach, didn’t want the evacuations, storms & weather uncertainty.  Love the mountains, didn’t want all the snow & colder weather.  Bingo!  The Triangle was smack in the middle & Apex is the town I chose.  Best decision ever. 

Here’s why I love living here:

♥      Weather – It is warm for about 9 months of the year. We have the change of the seasons (Fall & Spring are my favorite).  Snow is rare & when it does snow, everyone stays home.                          So lovely! 

♥      We have a beautiful Performing Arts Center which draws fantastic Broadway performances.  I’ve been to quite a few, they are exactly as the ones in NYC!                                                                  Except parking & driving there is a breeze. 

♥      Many, many museums covering every type of art you can imagine.  Many small theater groups with wonderful performances. 

♥      Restaurants galore.  Every single type of cuisine from old-time BBQ, finger licking fried chicken, wonderful Afternoon Teas in old & new venues to elegant 5 star Fine Dining.                                    Lots of local breweries, bakeries & ice cream shops. We have many Food Trucks featuring great ethic food, and farm markets supporting our local farmers. 

♥      Some of the best hospitals and medical care in the world.  

♥      Research Triangle Park draws the best talent from around the world.  It is a beautiful campus with top tier Bio, Pharma, Software & Research companies.                                                                    Our job market tends to be very steady, even during market downturns. 

♥      Home Values continue to increase.  Our year-over-year value increase is around 6%.  Try getting that at a bank! 

♥      A wonderful mix of people living here from all over the world. 

♥      Home choices – every type of home you may want is here:  ranch, mansion, assisted living, adult community, condo, townhome, older beauties, shiny moderns.                                                        Don’t see what you want?  We have many great builders who will help you 

♥      The Triangle NC is a great combination of rural & urban.   

♥      Location!  You can easily get anywhere from here.  Airport is a half hour away and no traffic!  Beach is under 2 hours.  Mountains are under 4 hours.                                                                            Lots of new highways make it easy to get around. 

♥     Parks, dog parks, trails, skate parks, greenways, street festivals, downtown events – too many to list here! Something for every one and every age.

**NOTE**:  Covid has affected many activities in our area.  Parks, trails & greenways are all open.  Many restaurants & events are on reservation only status.  Some festivals & activities are on hiatus for this year.  Check the venue's website before you head out.  We are looking to coming back strong next year.

What are you looking for?  Let’s talk so I can help you have the lifestyle you desire. 

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