Triangle NC Real Estate Market & Covid-19

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My heart goes out to everyone -- especially those at home with active children, seniors, healthcare workers, and local businesses.  We are all impacted by this pandemic and I would like you all to know that I am here to help as best I can.

To that end, I'm beginning a number of blogs on how this situation is affecting our local real estate market, what it means to you and what to do (and not do)..  here are some things to note: 

A recession does not mean a housing crisis.  Homes are still selling and prices are remaining stable.  Things have slowed down a bit as we all adjust to a new way of doing business and there is some uncertainty regarding jobs.  There is no reason panic.

♦  Buyers:  I'm here vigorously keeping an eye on things and am available for you with video conferencing.  Here's how that works:  If you see a home you like, let me know.  I will set up an appointment & go to the home at a time that's convenient for you.  Then, via video conference (that I will set up), you and I will go through the home together so you can see what I see and ask questions.  All from the comfort and security of your home!

♦  Thinking of selling?  I will put my professional 10 point marketing plan in action for you to get your home seen by the right buyers, at the right price & sell quickly.  My listings sell within 2 weeks of going on market.  

♦  I will be happy to run an accurate Market Analysis of the current value of your home.  This way you can decide if now is the time for you to make a change.

♦  I will connect you with expert mortgage lenders who will let you know what your financial sitution is so you can make the right decision  You must be pre-qualified in order to put in an offer anyway, so let's find your comfortable price point.

♦  Tell me what you need, what your questions are and I will reply promptly .

I've lived through so many recessions and successfully ran a real estate business during the worst housing crisis in our history.  I was here for you then and I am here for you now.

Here in NC, Real Estate is considered an Essential Business.  This Realtor is IN!

I've got lots more info coming soon -- so stay tuned for the next chapter:  How is this different from the previous housing crisis?