Should I Sell My Home in the Fall?

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Should I sell my home in the Fall?  I get this question all the time, especially in the Fall :-)

Questions:  What is the market like?  How fast & what value will my home get then?  Are buyers out there & looking?

Answer:  Good.  Fast.  Yes.  Fall is an excellent time of year to sell your home. 

Here in the Triangle NC, people are ready to buy homes any time of year.  We have a robust job market & are consistently in the Top Ten Best Places to Live.  Right now there are fewer homes on the market and lots of buyers looking.  A well-positioned house can sell fast & attract the right buyer.

For many people (and me, too), the fall season is one of their favorite times of the year due to the crisp air and the colorful changes of the leaves on the trees. Here are some great tips to get your house ready for the fall selling season: 

Keep The Exterior Clean
One of the best tips for the sale of a home in the fall is keeping the yard looking great! You hear the buzzword, “curb appeal” a lot.  No matter what season you are selling a home in curb appeal is most important.  Buyers judge the home the moment they drive up.  It's the first thing they see.

Nature does make this easy with plants dying off, going into hibernation, and just looking bad. They property can quickly become messy if not regularly maintained.

Buyers still want to be able to see your lawn, and if it is completely covered with leaves, this will not be possible. Use some of these excellent home staging tips that will prepare both your interior and exterior for the market.

Make sure any mold and mildew are kept to a minimum on your deck and siding. And get rid of those spider webs!  Buyers will still be looking over these areas with a keen eye.

There are often some excellent deals as the nurseries get ready to shut down for the winter. You can use this opportunity to pick up some beautiful seasonal plantings to highlight your entryway.

Without a doubt paying attention to your yard is one of the most important fall home selling tips!

Embrace The Fall Selling Season

We are coming into the holiday season!  Folks are looking forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Definitely feel free to decorate for the season.  But, keep it tailored.  You don't want to look ridiculous.  Tons of fake spider webs on trees & bushes make it look messy.  A couple of fun monsters will work.  You want buyers to see themselves and their families enjoying the same holidays in your home.  I offer free staging to my sellers so they have expert guidance on how to do this.

Price It Right

One of the most essential tips to sell your home in any season is to price it correctly! I will work with you to set the right price for your home. We will analyze days on market, comparable active & sold homes & take into account the season and any other variables.  While it is enticing, the last thing you want to do is price your home too high.  It will sit on the market too long & you will have missed your window.  You need expert strategy & negotiation skills.

Our current market is super hot!  Homes priced right are selling in days (if not hours).  Right now you can get top dollar and often with multiple bid situations. 


Quick overview:

- Choose an experienced agent who will listen, advise & work with your goals

- Take time to prepare your home.  You only get one chance to go live.

- Address any deferred maintenance - even better, get a pre-listing inspection.  This shows you care about the home & are serious about selling.

- Make sure you have great lighting as the days are darker

Contact me to find out if now is a great time for you to sell.  And, learn about the many FREE services I provide my sellers to help them achieve their goals. 

Want my free Fall Sellers Guide?  Just ask!