NC is Opening Up -- Here's the Easy Recap

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Governor Cooper has announced that on Friday, May 8th, at 5 p.m., North Carolina will enter PHASE 1 OF RE-OPENING.

Here’s what that means.

The Stay at Home Order remains in effect, but with modifications:

- Most retail businesses can re-open, but must limit to 50% capacity.

The exceptions are businesses where distancing is difficult. Gyms, salons, bars and theaters remain closed. Also, restaurants are still limited to take out and delivery.

Municipalities are encouraged to re-open parks and trails.

Playgrounds stay closed.

Child care centers can open for working parents or parents looking for work.

Teleworking is encouraged.

Gatherings are limited to 10. Friends can meet to socialize outdoors, in groups of 10 or under, while practicing distancing.

However, outdoor worship services are allowed, with more than 10 people, as long as distancing is practiced.

Visitation at long-term care centers is still not allowed.

You’re encouraged to wear face coverings when you go in public, to protect those around you in case you are sick but do not know it yet.

At the earliest, if benchmarks are met, on May 22nd, North Carolina will enter Phase 2, which significantly eases restrictions.

Source:  Triangle On The Cheap

If trends move in the wrong direction, the state might move back to a previous phase to protect public health.

It’s important to mention that you still have a choice. Just because a store is open, or just because an outdoor event has been announced, does not mean that you have to go. You need to use all the information at your disposal and make the choice that makes sense for you.  Many towns & municipalities are following state orders, but there may be some differences - check with your town.

In your decision-making process, please do think about business owners, and, if you aren’t comfortable going to the stores in person, or your favorite bar remains closed, consider placing an order for pickup, buying a gift card, or contributing to a fundraising campaign for employees. 

You don’t have to make a choice between helping our local economy and keeping yourself and your family safe. You can do both.

Real Estate is OPEN!  Contact me if you want a FREE home valuation or have any questions on buying or selling during this time.