Intrusion in the Crawlspace!! Dun Dun Dunnnn.....

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Critters in the Crawl!  Possum under the Porch!  Awww... but they're so cute!  True that, until they get under your house & start messing around.  Then, it's, "Paw get yer trap!"

This just happened to me, so I can speak from first hand experience.  It starts with noticing more creepy crawly bugs in the house.  I called my favorite bug guy, Nathan (link below).  He told me the good news is that there are no termites, and the bad news is that a critter had been there & tore down the insulation & forgot to use the porta potty.  Yuck!

It was a possum (opossum??)  My expert says they are both the same anmal.  Many people think these are rodents.  They are not.  They are actually marsupials!  They have little pouches where their young grow.  They are very beneifical animals eating lots of ticks, mosquitoes, and other assorted bugs.

Apparently after they have gorged themselves, they barge right into your crawl space, tear down the insulation, make nests, chew on things and, to put it delicately, do their business everywhere.  Cuteness will only get you so far in life.

Called on my critter guy, Mike (link below).  He set up some traps.  Next day, no possum in the traps, but there was a big fluffy orange cat (folks, please keep your cats indoors as best you can).  We let the cat go (never saw one run so fast!).  He sealed up the area where we believe they were getting in.  

Next step is to have Nathan back to clean up, put down new vapor barrior, re-install insulation that was pulled down.  Also, I'll be having him back in a quarterly basis for pest control so hopefully this is the last we have seen of these rude intruders!

Adventures in home ownership!  I love sharing this world with other animals, but I'm not sharing my home!

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