How'd You Like to LIve in an Earthship?

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Let's have some fun today!  We are so fortunate in that we have many styles of homes to choose from.  Here's a great option for those who are concerned about our environmental impact & need more autonomy:  EARTHSHIP!

What a great name!  And, they are created mostly from earth and recycled tires & bottles.  Some are built into the earth with an open southern exposure providing light & heat.  The picture above is one in New Mexico and I love it!  I'm sure my HOA wouldn't approve, but that's the point -- individuality.

Many people grow as much of their food as possible & stock up on other items regularly.  Lots of deer meat & fish in the freezer & canned peaches, pears, tomatos, etc. sustain them during the winter.  Here are two homes that have incorporated their garden into their living space

I think even I could do that (with a little help from my friends & there is plenty of that in these communities).

Beyond concern for the planet, there is a financial incentive to these homes.  One family's 3,000 square-foot home cost $70,00 to build (they provided most of the labor).  Now, their only monthly cost is property tax.  No electricity, water or gas bill.  No mortgage or worry if water becomes short (they collect & filter their own)

While we might not be able to have our own Earthship here where we live in suburbia, there are things we can do to provide us with more independence & sustainability:

Add a small vegetable garden to a balcony or backyard

Pickle and can vegies & fruits

Get a compost bin (I'm getting one, finally!)

Add a small greenhouse (I'm considering that, too)

Bigger projects such a rainwater collectors and solar panels also help a lot with costs


Over the years, I hope we will begin to see a new attitude toward alternative, more ecological building to allow allow retrofitting to make existing homes more self-sustaining.  In the meantime, we have so many wonderful choices -- there is a home & a lifestyle for everyone!

Are you getting ready to move to your own perfect home?  Give me a call.  I'm open for business & homes are selling.  This is a great time to buy or sell.