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No free lunch, right?

Zillow is making it loud and clear that they want to buy peoples’ houses, and plenty of news outlets are pumping out articles about it. The main benefit offered is ease—a "one-click nirvana" which aims to make "the real estate transaction experience more seamless, more easy, more integrated."

But...it’s not a cheaper option by a long stretch. As CNN REPORTS, it will cost a homeowner 7.5% on average.

The takeaway

There’s a lot of concern about how Zillow will impact the industry. Sure, they’ll get some takers who want a ‘quick and easy way’ to sell their house, but anyone who’s the least bit savvy or skeptical will have some serious questions:

-  Are you giving me as much as I can get for my house?
-  Is the Zestimate truly accurate? (After all, it’s coming from a company that needs to make a profit from buying and reselling houses.)
-  What is the true cost of this convenience?

Zillow isn’t the first to offer to buy an owner’s home. Other agents offer to do it, too, but there’s always a cost for the convenience. The offer has to be lower, and/or cost more, in order for the company or agent to ensure they won’t lose money. Don’t underestimate the consumers’ desire to net as much as possible, versus going the convenient route.

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