Are Real Estate Agents paid a Salary?

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Despite what many think, the public is quite confused about how agents make a living.  

There must be a salary floating in the background that supports agents — after all, how is it that they can appear so well-groomed, professional and polished while broker events, open houses or other marketing activities, showing customers around town all day and buying them lunch? 

Attention looky-loos and sellers just testing the market: the agent’s time and expenses are 100 percent on them.  Did you know that? 

There is no base salary or reimbursement for the time and money they’ve expended no matter the outcome, whether it’s 500-plus messages or hours of research, advice, problem-solving, trouble-shooting, giving insight over the phone or making countless trips to show property. 

How would you feel if your employer decided, as part of its cost cutting, to not give you a paycheck for your all of your work and effort, especially on a big project that involved a tremendous amount of time and effort on nights, holidays and weekends? 

Be kind to your Realtor – most of us really do work hard to help you.  If you are not comfortable with your agent, tell them early on so they can either improve or so you can move on to someone who is a better fit. 

Share your REAL ESTATE MYTH with me and I will either BUST or CONFIRM for you. 


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